" Do I love you or am I just drunk again? "

Get me wasted and make me feel like i have some other emotion then being sad.

Tell me about your ex, and how she fucked you over just so i could say “you’ll find someone sooner or later”
I’ll say sorry because i hated when people said that to me.
Cry to me if you need to.
I also hated when people told me just to move on, mostly because i know it isn’t that fucking easy.
Tell me how my perfume smells the same as the one she used to wear.
Tell me how she was no good for you, then take another swig from the bottle.
I’ll take a few myself, trying to get so fucked up that i can’t understand what you’re saying because i don’t want to.

You smell just like him.

And i hate to admit it but i really want to find out if you taste like him too.

" For a while, pain was all I had of him. "
" I drink too much whiskey and stay awake too long crying about how you used to hold me, and the way you didn’t even glance back when you left me that night. "
" No matter how much you’ve hurt me, I always find one good reason to come back. "
" I would give up everything just to be in your arms right now "